Vibroinsulation of a hydraulic polyurethane press

  • Client:TED BED EAD
  • Category:Industrial buildings
  • Date:2019
  • Status:Complete
  • Service type:Vibroinsulation

Vibroinsulation of a hydraulic polyurethane press

TED BED EAD is a leading manufacturer of mattresses, beds, sleeping systems and bedroom accessories with over 20 years of experience in the field.

TED BED opened their newest factory in the industrial zone of the city of Plovdiv in 2018. They equipped the facility with innovative machines for polyurethane molding. Our partners at Spectri EOOD invited us to partner on developing a project for the reduction of vibrations, caused by the hydraulic polyurethane press, situated on the second floor of the industrial hall.

Vibrations from the press resembled shaking of the floor slab to workers nearby. There are offices directly under the machines, where vibrations were also heard and felt.

Our task was to recommend the fastest and most efficient solution to reduce the vibrations to permissible limits.

Specific measures we undertook

We used precise measurement equipment to gauge the vibrations of the slab when the machine was on. The data we collected on the acceleration and movement of the floor slab indicated a frequency range of 0-63 Hz.

After analyzing the data and collecting sufficient information on the weight and the number of the operational steps of the machine, we chose the most efficient vibroinsulating padding, estimating vibration level reduction by 75% to 90%, depending on the frequency.

The recommended padding were installed under each section of the machine, which was carefully re-levelled after installation.


Final results

After installation, we ran a series of working order tests on the machines as well as a series of vibration measurement tests on the concrete slab. The results we got were excellent, indicating vibration curbing by 90%. The vibration values do meet legal standards for residential buildings vibrations.