Acoustic inspection of a call center

  • Client:Concentrix
  • Category:Office buildings
  • Date:2019
  • StatusComplete
  • Type of service:Design

Acoustic inspection of a call center

Concentrix is a global technological company for business services maintenance, specializing in customer engagement, aiming to improve business results. It has offices in over 40 countries across 6 continents.

Upon opening a new office in Sofia, it turns out one of the departments, taking up an entire floor of the office building, has problems with high levels of noise, caused by the personnel's conversations over the phone. Although there had been provisions, such as desk partition screens, an acoustic ceiling and felt carpeting, the problem is still unsolved and employees complain of lack of concentration and headaches.

Because of the specifics of noise intensity, related to the irregular shape of the room, the duration, and the volume of sources (phone calls), there was no solution that could be subjectively evaluated. Hence, the managers at Concentrix commissioned an acoustic report that had to analyze the problem and suggest potential solutions.

Specific measures we undertook

The specifics of the case called for the application of the European standards for open-plan offices, set out by ISO EN 3382-3 that require the measurement of a series of parameters when the office was empty and during working hours to determine the category of the site.

After conducting the tests and setting out the main objective parameters we needed to work by, we developed over 6 different proposals for the improvement of the acoustic environment. Some of them included installing partitioning screens to divide areas, raising the height of the existing dividers as well as an option of using special noise-cancelling headphone sets for making phone calls.

These solutions could raise the office environment evaluation to "Good", with the level of efficiency is dependent on the correct implementation of the solutions.


Final results

After the successful presentation of the report, Acoustic Force's work has been deemed excellent and informative on the most efficient measures according to the budget allocated to the problem.