About Us

About Acoustic Force

We pride ourselves on offering exactly what is needed and nothing less. We have an impartial approach towards every case and discuss at least two possible solutions.
We have extensive experience in acoustic assessment and research for hundreds of industrial, residential and public properties. This enables us to do our best for our clients, developing the ultimate and most efficient solutions for noise control, which comply with the highest legal standards.

Our approach

We can take your project through each stage, starting with design and calculations, moving on to materials delivery and installation to come to results evaluation and validation.

It is our main priority that our clients have an accurate idea of the results of our work. Therefore, we are completely honest, even when we simply cannot offer a solution to their problem.

  • Objective
  • Validation
    and support
  • Honesty

Alexander Kirechev, engineer

Construction acoustics expert

Construction engineer with a seven-year experience

Construction engineer with a seven-year experience in measurement, assessment and noise control in construction.

He has given acoustic evaluations for hundreds of public and residential properties, developing the most suitable and efficient solutions for noise control, meeting legal requirements. He is an expert in vibroinsulation materials for industrial equipment facilities. His latest remarkable projects feature ABB, OSRAM, KAOLIN AD (JSC), Shishedjam Holding, Husqvarna and Concentrix.

After successfully defending a thesis, titled “Seismic Testing of a Reinforced Concrete Structure" at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in 2013, he started his career as a junior acoustic consultant right after graduation. In 2015, he started his PhD in Construction Acoustics at the Technical University of Sofia. He has taken a series of specialized courses to raise his professional qualification. He is a member of the European Acoustics Association, the Young Acousticians Network, the Acoustic Society of America, and the Bulgarian Association for Public Noise Control and Management.


Zlatka Madzharova, architect

Architectural acoustics expert

An architect with a scientific approach, inspired by international practices.

Zlatka Madzharova, architect, starts her career in the field of architectural and interior design in one the most distinguished agencies in Bulgaria, lead by designer Alexandrina Nenkova, to face the challenges of contemporary design. The projects in her portfolio are extremely diverse in scale and function, from private homes and offices to hotels and other public and industrial buildings.

She successfully defended her thesis, titled “Arkutino: Flag of Peace" at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia. She furthered her studies by pursuing a PhD with a thesis titled “Acoustic Environment Adaptability in Public Interiors" at the same university. In 2019, her scientific research project was granted funding by the Resrearch, Consultancy and Design Center at the UACEG. She lectures on the “Historical Formation of the Acoustic Environment". She has published scientific articles and participated in national and international conferences on acoustics. She is a member of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and the Acoustic Society of America.