Who are we?

Young, inquiring, ready to solve the unsolvable.Our team is made up of construction engineers, architects and designers, specializing in sound isolation, acoustics and vibration. We have extensive experience in acoustic assessment and research for hundreds of industrial, residential and public properties. This enables us to do our best for our clients, developing the ultimate and most efficient solutions for noise control, which comply with the highest legal standards.

Why work with us?


The Acoustic Force team takes pride in the supreme acoustic environment it ensures. We approach each case with expertise and professionalism, seeking solutions in an inventive and creative manner.


We offer exhaustive project management, from consultations and drawing up of a project proposal with calculations to material delivery, installation, result measurement and validation.


It is our main priority that our clients have an accurate idea of the results of our work. Therefore, we are completely honest, even when we simply cannot offer a solution to their problem.

Our areas of expertise


Acoustic Force has the equipment to measure acoustic parameters, such as reverberation, speech clarity, and impulse response graph. We use professional software to analyze and develop the most suitable acoustic treatment for the given volume according to the international standards for best practices.


When it comes to a soundproofing project, the most important factors are both the objective assessment of parameters and the subjective perception of the receiver. Thus, apart from standard measurements, Acoustic Force employs an individual approach towards each client, taking into account the specifics of the case and the requirements of all affected sides. When we finish a project, we always check how efficient the solution is.

Vibration isolation

Equipment vibration is often an underestimated issue, which many try to solve by arbitrarily installing some type of rubber sheets. This, however, tends to aggravate the situation. The Acoustic Force team has extensive experience in measuring vibrations and choosing the correct vibroinsulation. We work with a wide arrange of companies, whose products are certified and tested in world-known laboratories.

How do we work?



You can tell us about your case any time by contacting us via phone or email. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible, so you can provide more details about the specific problem and discuss the most suitable way to solve it.

On-site inspection

If necessary, our experts will pay a visit to the place to acquaint themselves with the specifics of your case in order to suggest the best approach.


We offer measurements according to all European standards in the area of acoustics, soundproofing, and vibroinsulation, as well as engineering measurements, related to the characteristics of your project.


Our specialists can draw up acoustic projects and expert evaluations, architectural and interior design projects. Each project can be developed in its conceptual phase or implemented technically.

Delivery and installation

In the name of efficiency, we can deliver and install the materials and systems, invariably finding the best quality-price ratio.

Author's supervision

After carrying out a design or recommendation service, we can also inspect the quality of materials that have been used and check for proper installation to ensure the expected outcome.

Results evaluation

If possible, after project completion, we measure results to validate them.